Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still beautiful

Fallen petals are still beautiful.  And cherry petals flying about in the wind look like pink snow in the sky!  This is so special.

After cherry blossoms fall, green leaves appear all at once. You can see some green leaves here.
A blue heron was looking inside of the restaurant for a while. I am enjoying the beautiful spring day.

Friends, I have a question.
In Japan, when we say "flowers" in a vague way without meaning a specific flower, we imagine "cherry blossoms". Do you imagine any certain flower when you hear the word "flowers" in your country or your place?


  1. Hi Annie ... if you look at the cherry blossom petals in the water, then I think of pearls, it is like a pearl carpet ...

    yes and here ... I love flowers roses in my garden I had at that time 35 species, all colors and all sizes, it could always look pretty, that's my favorite flower ...

    have a good week and many greetings to you from Geli

  2. When I think of the word "flower" I don't think of any spefic one. Actually, I am more apt to use the word "flowers" than "flower".

  3. Beautiful, beagleAnnie! We have these kinds of flowers blooming here now, too. Some are cherry and some are apple, with white blossoms. They do look like a beautiful, scented snow as they fall to the ground. In my area of the US, I do not think a certain flower represents our region. Many different kinds of flowers bloom here in the various seasons.

  4. How lovely, Annie. You are right, even the fallen petals are delightful. I smiled when I saw the inquisitive heron...

    Interesting question you pose. I speak three languages and in all of them the generic word "flowers" doesn't conjure up any image of a specific flower for me. rather I imagine a bouquet of mixed blooms. Now the word "blossom" in English, although generic does conjure up Spring flowering trees for many people. The work "bloom", which is also generic is more of a verb than a noun, but usage has made it a noun also.

  5. You're right! Still very beautiful :) Those are good photos - I like the one with the bird.

  6. I love the petals on the water. Just fantastic!

  7. Oh, I love the blossoms. I tend to think of Roses when I think of flowers.

    hugs, Kaye xoxox