Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Attacked by Spring Storm

I had a terrible day today.  I usually take a walk and drop into a cafe to do some paper work. When I went out the cafe, it was cloudy.  But on the way back to my home, suddenly a typhoon-like-wind blew and started to rain cats and dogs. My umbrella didn't work because of the storm and it soon broke. My day bag was all wet. Now I spread all the stuff of the bag on the floor to dry. Book, pencil case, wallet, cell phone (it survives)..... I'm sure the climate in Japan is becoming more and more violent than before.


  1. ...oh Annie, because it got you caught in the rain, but when I see the picture, because when I see your face, then you might not ...:-(

    we are currently very cold, with lots of wind and other years at this time it was even better, but in 2008 we had a lot of snow around this time ...

    the weather does what it wants, I hope your things out of your pocket is dry again.

    Have a dry day ...greetings from me...

  2. La météo ainsi que le temps qu'il fait est un sujet universel. To dessin va faire le tour du monde !


  3. Oh My!!! Hope things have calmed down and everything has dried out! Wish I could send you some of our sun from VA! -Susan

  4. We are certainly experiencing more frequent manifestations of extreme weather here in Australia too...
    Hope you didn't catch a cold, Annie!

  5. I've been caught in those kind of rain storms before, it's terrible! I hope everything dries out and nothing is permanently waterlogged.

  6. Oh, dear, Annie! Stay warm & dry! I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow!

  7. Oh, sorry for that, but I'm sure everything will be alright. Here, too, at the onset of spring, we had a heavy snowfall the whole day, adding more snow to the ones that had been melting.
    Yes, world conditions are getting worse, but I believe in the promise of our Creator that He will end all calamities and sufferings to make way for a wonderful problem-free future.
    Take care!