Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Riverside Cherry Blossom

Today it was raining almost all day. In the evening, the rain finally stopped. You can imagine how much it rained to see the river flowing. This is Kamo River, which flows in the eastern part of Kyoto city from north to south. Along the eastern riverbank, there are great number of cherry trees and they are all in full bloom. I was concerned about cherry blossoms falling after today's hard rain, but they survived. Lucky!   I'm sure lots of people enjoy cherry blossom viewing tonight.


  1. Annie ... oh, we are plagued with rain around, it's only 10 degrees and not really spring, it can only get better ...

    Greetings from beautiful Wednesday Geli

  2. Good to hear that the rain did not spoil the blossoms, Annie. That's a big river there...