Friday, April 27, 2012

Huge canvas

This is the "Square of Time and Space" of JR Osaka Station, the biggest station in the Western Japan. This square is located on the 5th floor above the platforms. You can see an orange train.
Today a giant picture appeared on the floor. Click the pictures to enlarge.

The current Osaka Staion building was opended on May 4th last year and this picture was created to commemorate the first anniversary.

Today's sky was really beautiful with no clouds.


  1. Hi Annie, a picture really looks kindly on this station because they like traveling ...

    best wishes to you ...

  2. hello deary, very nice pictures,,
    big hugs for you xxx

  3. I love art in public places. It makes them seem less intsitutional. I think it humanizes them and makes people feel more peaceful and kinder toward each other. Thanks, Annie.

  4. This is really original! I like it. :)

  5. Great shots of this impressive train station, Annie. What a great idea to have the painting done to commemorate the anniversary!

  6. Wow, A cheerful floor! Nice to see, so traveling is fun.