Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lotus Collection

Today I learned a small but interesting information about lotus flower. That is...
Lotus flowers bloom for five days. They open early in the morning and close at sunset. On the fourth evening, they have no power to close the petals, so they spend the night with the petals open. On the fifth day their petals fall one by one to the water. Probably the flower of the fourth picture will be slim tomorrow.

I heard the center honeycomb is pistil and it is surrounded by lots of thin stamen.

On the bank by the lotus pond the duck family were taking a rest.

I dedicate this post to Scenic Sunday , Pink Saturday and Our World Tuesday.


  1. Hi Annie, you look beautiful lotus flowers bloomed and so I saw they never got back to me, I thank you for that, sene greetings and wish you a good week

  2. Looks great. I see now that the lotus leaf and the ginkgo leaf looks a bit on each other. A big part of the old designers inspiration in your country.

  3. This is a beautiful collection! I've never gotten to see lotus so up-close in various stages!

  4. Beautiful shots! The lotus is a flower that is associated with many religious systems and symbolises so much.

  5. Great photos and interesting information!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Beautiful lotus blooms and great shots.Have a great week ahead.


  7. Well, I learned something about the lotus today. Thank you! The photographs are exquisite!

  8. Very beautiful photos, and flowers!