Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nakanoshima Walk

This morning I had a short walk along the river. As you see, the sky was so beautiful and it was very, very hot. Today's high temperature was 36 degrees. This place is called Nakanoshima, which is the business center of Osaka. I love Yodoyabashi Bridge with three lanterns on each end.

My favorite bridge is over there. Nishiki Bridge. Does that look nice?

Hollyhock flowers are in their prime time.

One more thing to add, I'm excited now. From tomorrow I'll start a four-day trip to Mt. Tateyama. I'm going to go hiking in the mountain and take a lot of pictures of nature. Later I'll post about the tour.

This is part of Skywatch Friday, Weekend Reflections and Pink Saturday.


  1. What a lovely place you live in! I'm popping over from Pink Saturday and wanted to say hi! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  2. it is truly a very lovely place..i love it.
    hugs xxx

  3. Beautiful photographs, thanks for sharing

  4. That is a nice walk, thank you for taking us with you on that little tour... And your reflection pic, with the bridge is awesome !

  5. Enjoy your hike, but do be careful.

  6. hello dear Annie, I'm watching your bridge pictures and say - they're beautiful, it's just Japan, another country, another culture and other lights ... looks very nice reflection in the river ...

    Walk to your fun, do a lot of beautiful pictures and come home healthy again ...

    greetings from Geli on the way ...

  7. Nice pix....I like your bridge too....

  8. the bridge is beautiful
    lovely shots

  9. Beautiful photos. Happy sky watching.

    City View

  10. Splendid photos ... I love them all!

    Cheers from Bohol, Philippines. Visiting from SKYWATCH.

  11. The flowers are hibiscus. One of my favorites and these are a gorgeous example! :)