Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet Hydrangea

Japanese cuisine emphasizes "season".  And appearance is a very important element as well as taste.
Let's take a break with a piece of "Hydrangea" and a cup of green tea. A clear jelly represents a raindrop. Taste?  Of course, very, very yummy!


  1. I enjoy presentation of Japanese food as much as its taste, Annie. Your lovely photos illustrate this very well.

  2. Japanese change the gloomy rainy season into nice and colorful sweets. Isn't it cool? Thank you for your beautiful photo, Annie!

  3. Hi Annie looks so delicious in it, but I like not such a colorful cake, which I almost never eat cake, because of the calories and, above all, because I eat absolutely no carbs, something comes out of the question for me, but to whom it tastes, which a good appetite ...

    Best regards Geli

  4. Very yummy sounding and beautiful, too!