Friday, July 6, 2012

Wish for good weather

These handmade dolls are called "Teru-teru bozu", which literally means " shine- shine doll". They are very popular dolls hanging out the window with a wish for good weather. Now most Japanese lands are in the middle of rainy season. And heavy rainy days have continued these few days.
I found them in Hakata, which is famous for its exciting festival called Gion Yamagasa held next week. I understand people wish for good weather for the festival days.
I hope the weather will be good tomorrow.


  1. These dolls are cute and would bring sunshine to your heart, even on rainy days! I hope there is sunny weather for your festival. Where I live, we need rain!

  2. Hi Annie, I think it's very nice if such traditions are maintained, which in Germany is only a few places like this, these people here are too dry, too serious, just chasing after money and fame and forget about the neighbors, friends and it yourself and life ...

    your dolls look cute and I liked it ...

    Weekend warm greeting


  3. Do you have any rain dolls? We could use some of those!! :)

    1. Yes, these are a kind of Japanese rain dolls. The basic one is more simple, without hair or decoration.

  4. I hope that the good weather arrives as the dolls work their magic, Annie!