Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mino Waterfall

Today I enjoyed walking along the Mino River to see the Mino Waterfall. It is part of Meiji Forest Mino Quasi-national Park. From the Mino station it takes about one hour to the waterfall. The fall is 33m in height. Today it was very sunny and hot, but I enjoyed  the cool breeze in the shade of a forest.

I dedicate this post to Water World Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday.


  1. Hi Annie, your path to the waterfall was a long, hot, but very nice to look at ...

    I have a question ...

    is the color red in Japan, a special feature, it has to mean something special?

    Many things look red when you made ​​that I notice ...

    have a good day and it greets you

    the Geli

  2. Hi Geli
    Good question! Yes, in the traditional Japanese culture, the color 'red' has a special meaning. It is regarded to have a power to ward off evil spirits, so it is a lucky color!
    Have a nice day!

  3. so different ... it is in the cultures Annie, thanks for the explanation ...

    in each country is different, this time the details, ...

    The significance of the color red in culture and religion

    In China, red is the color of happiness and wealth.
    In Russia, the color red stands for the terms precious and expensive.
    In Japan, red is the color of the women.
    In the Catholic Church, it symbolizes the blood and fire, Pentecost, Christ's suffering and martyr festivals. In the Protestant Church, Pentecost, Apostle and Martyr festivals.
    Whoever writes a name in Korea in red indicates the fact that this person is dead.
    Red is in some parts of Africa as the color of life. Therefore, in specific regions of central Africa and Oceania sick smeared with red ocher, to stimulate their life force. In the Ashanti in Ghana, West Africa, however, is red the color of mourning.
    Wearing red ribbons or scarves belonged to many nations of the wedding customs. This tradition was already in Roman times: Roman brides were wrapped with the bright red cloth. Even today, wearing modern Greek, Albanian and Armenian brides red bridal veil.
    In China, the bride is carried in a red dress and a red palanquin to the place of the wedding party. If a child is born, the neighbors bring over the happy pair of red eggs, as a sign of good luck and prosperity.
    Even in ancient China, red was the color of luck, the forces and evil spirits, and was expelled at the same time as the color of wealth.
    In ancient Egypt was a precious red color with which the daughters of Pharaoh adorned. Among the Egyptians, making up the cheeks, lips and nails came into vogue. In order to gain a little purple, collecting thousands of slaves had purple worm, mash and mushy to brew.

    1. Wow, so interesting! It's fun to know the cultural differences. Thank you for sharing your information.
      PS: The color of Japanese kimono for brides is white.

    2. oh how wonderful it must look like brides Annie ...

      Thank you and greetings from Geli

  4. Love all these shots but the first is my favorite. It looks like an abstract painting.

  5. What beautiful shots! That waterfall is stunning!

  6. This is really beautiful! There are a lot of waterfalls in my area, but sadly most are dry since we've had such little rain this year. :(
    I will enjoy looking at yours though!

  7. We went there often in our school days!No monkeys now?
    I also like the first one. It's like an impressionist painting!

  8. I love waterfalls and this one is beautiful.

  9. wow, this place is beautiful! the trees, the waterfall--i feel one with nature.

    Water World

  10. Great post combining two of my favourite things, forests and waterfalls. I like the couple with their umbrella in front of the fall for scale, must have sounded incredible. Lovely blog Annie. I've jumped aboard.

  11. beautiful set of photos, would be a lovely place to visit

  12. These are beautiful shots. Love all the photos.

  13. Beautiful images of a lovely place, Annie. Waterfalls are very special.