Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guerrilla Rain

Guerrilla Rain is a strange name. It is sudden downpours into relatively narrow zones,mainly in urban cities.It is a Japanese English. We've often heard this word recently. Some experts believe that guerrilla rain has a strong connection between the urban heat island phenomenon and global warming.

Today I saw a surprising video image of guerrilla rain on TV. In the video, only in some-hundred-meters square area, torrential rain was pouring heavily for a short period.

One taxi driver said in the interview, "When I was driving in the sun, all of a sudden, a heavy rain attacked my car, then after three minutes I got through. I felt surprised and scared."

It is an unpredicted pinpoint attack like guerrilla. Not gorilla.

1 comment:

  1. Reading about guerrilla rain reminded me of a squall in rainforests. Japan might be chainging its climate into a quasi-rainforest zone gradually.
    Anyway, a guerrilla is nuisant not only rain but also the dopy Minister!