Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jazz Picnic

Jazz Picnic in Ina River is an outdoor jazz concert held at the field along the Ina River in Ikeda city, Osaka. This concert is held annually around this time of the year and every year I enjoy it with my friends.

This year I joined with my close friend and my husband.
First we went to the supermarket to get something to drink and eat.

The concert started at five p.m. and lasted for four hours. At the beginning, it was still sunny and hot, so I opened the parasol to get a shade. But luckily there was a good wind through river.

Little by little it got dark. I like to see the changing colors of the sky and the setting sun.

In addition, we can eat, drink, talk and lie down ( sleep) during the concert. So everyone can enjoy the concert in his/her favorite way.

Not to mention all live jazz performances. I had a jolly good time today.

1 comment:

  1. Cozy music, food, associates, chat and a natural bed... you had got almost everything you need in life there.
    And a bath tub with hot water, if you had there, it's almost like a paradise. But probably, a repellent will be a must item.