Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ikeda Nice Town

Today I went to Ikeda to enjoy stands and attractions operated by the local shop owners.

Ikeda is a local town next to Toyonaka where I live. It is a small city that attracts me very much. Why?

It has around 300-meter mountain named Mt. Azalea, Satsuki-Yama in Japanese. Over the mountain there is a wonderful park with a free zoo. Through the year, you can enjoy greenery, especially azalea in May. From the observatory on the mountain, you can see a nice view of Osaka.

There still remain a lot of old shops and houses in Ikdea. For example, you can see a store selling rather old fashioned daily necessaries. I feel like returning to old days of a few decades ago.

Ikeda is also famous for its rice wine named "Goshun" and fire festival "Gangara Fire Festival" held on August 24. In the festival, people carry fire torches accompanied with a  big gong sound. Enchanting event.

In addition, instant ramen noodle was born in Ikeda. It is also a hometown of DAIHATSU.

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  1. Did you know that Goshun, sake was named after a famous painter in 18th century?