Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shrine of Blotch

Today I found a very interesting, kind of mysterious place for me. It is an approach to Ishikiri Shrine in Higashi-Osaka. 
 Ishikiri Shrine is located on the mountainside of Mt. Ikoma and it is famous as a shrine of blotch.
Each side of the steep approach to Ishikiri Shrine is lined with many shops and restaurants.

In  particular, there are countless number of fortune-telling services. I don't know why there are so many fortune-telling places, but it shows so many people come here to know something about their future. There are various kinds of fortune-telling, including astrology, blood-types, palm reading, telling a person's fortune on the basis of his or her name.

I like the nostalgic atmosphere full of energy.

Unluckily, I couldn't see "Ishikirin" which is a very cute mascot of the place. I'm sure it was too hot for Ishikirin to walk around today.

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  1. It's very famous that in Nara, the east part of Mt. Ikoma, wild deers live freely.
    However, it is my first time to know a giraffe exists in Ishikiri in the west side of the mountain.