Monday, January 9, 2012

Coming of Age Day

Today, the second Monday of January, is Coming of Age Day. It is a Japanese holiday to celebrate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority (twenty years old), and to help them realize they have become adults. Local governments hold the coming-of-age ceremonies in public halls, and after the official ceremonies, the young adults often celebrate in groups by going to parties or going out drinking.

Many women celebrate this day  by wearing furisode ( a style of kimono with long sleeves that drape down) and zori sandals. They grow  hair long enough to suit for furisode kimono. It is impossible to put on a furisode and tie a thick fabric obi sash into a gorgeous shape by themselves, so many visit a beauty salon to dress and to set their hair.

I remember the morning rush of my daughter's preparation seven years ago. I got up very early to drive her to a beauty salon at 6:00 in the morning, bringing a set of furisode and obi sash and many other small things needed for kimono.  After a few hours, she appeared in a beautiful kimono with elegant hair -up. Then I took her to the photo studio to  have commemorative pictures taken. And I took her to the public hall in time.
After the ceremony, however, she flew home to change the kimono into a dress, saying that kimono was beautiful but too tight to enjoy the party, and then went out for the school reunion party with her friends.  It was a good memory now.


  1. very beautiful festival..and so colorful.i love the woman costume so much..very sweet..
    enjoy your lovely day..
    hugs cucki xx

  2. What a nice celebration and link between the traditional and modern!