Sunday, January 8, 2012

Diary of 5

I am seeing... the blue sky with white puffy clouds.

I am hearing...the sound of the electric heater just next to me.

I am smelling...the aroma of Japanese green tea. I love green tea and have many cups every day.

I tasted...rice porridge with seven herbs last night. Yesterday was the day for eating it in Japan. It was really yummy!

I am feeling...relaxed and a little tired after walking around. But I'm feeling I have to prepare something for dinner soon.

pink finger puppet born in Nepal
beautiful sunset from my window
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Hope you all have a nice, new week.


  1. Wow, a blue sky ... that's long ago I've seen a blue sky.
    Fun diary, I like it and I also like the pink finger puppet. Very special! Have you ever been in Nepal?

    Wow, I love green tea is also delicious. Even better flavored there (ginger or something)

    Have a fine sunday and thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. hello deary thank you for sharing this..i love reading about you so much..and beautiful pictures..
    love cucki xx

  3. I enjoyed reading your "Diary of 5." I did mine for the first time today. Enjoy your day! ~ Grace

  4. Really enjoyed your post and photos. The sunset is beautiful. Do you have a special recipe for the rice and herbs? It sounds good.

  5. Since I know nothing about rice porridge with seven herbs, the recipe would be fantastic! You should post it some time!

  6. Enjoyed your '5'. That sunset shot is awesome!