Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rice Porridge with Seven Spring Herbs

Seven Spring Herbs

Japan is proud of various customs based on seasonal changes, but today some of these customs are disappearing. So this year, I want to try to experience these traditional customs as much as possible in my daily lives.

at the supermarket
Today, January 7th is the festival of eating rice porridge with seven edible spring herbs.(As the Japanese calendar was changed from the ancient lunar-based calendar into the Gregorio calendar in 1873, there exists a gap of the days. Old January 7th is today's end of February. Ancient people could find spring herbs. But today, thanks to modern technology, we can get spring herbs at the supermarket.)

 This long-standing Japanese custom is believed to remove evil from the body and bring longevity and health. Since there is little green at this time of the year, the young green herbs bring color to the table and eating them suits the spirit of the New Year. And it is also a stomach-friendly meal after overeating New Year's festivities.

Seven Spring Herbs are water dropwort (seri), shepherd's purse (nazuna), cudweed( gogyo), chickweed(hakobera), nipplewort(hotokenoza), turnip (suzuna) and radish (suzushiro).

Generally this rice porridge is eaten for today's breakfast , but I forgot to get this set yesterday, so I'll make it for supper.  It'll make a  good diet for the stomach.


  1. It seems very healthy! And I like the pictures.

    As a child I lived in the countryside. Now I realize how many herbs and edible plants were growing along the road and in the meadow, among the grass. As child for example, we chewed on zuring ( don't know the englisch word.) My kids do not even know that this plant is edible. Or nettle ... you can make soup from nettles.

    I wish you bon appetit: on your health.

  2. Hello dear,very interesting post..sound so lovely..
    Looking so yummy .. Enjoy it..
    Love cucki xx

  3. Yes, it does look tasty and healthy! Thanks for the info.