Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nabe- Japanese-style Hot Pot Dish

Today is January 4th.  Most Japanese companies start business from today, but schools start on 10th.
It was very cold and we had a little snow here today. Generally we have one or two snowy days in a year in Osaka. On such a cold day, we have "Nabe" dish for dinner. We had "yosenabe" for dinner which is one of my favorite hot pots.

Nabe is the most popular and social Japanese food to eat during the winter. It's a hot pot full of all sorts of fish, meat and vegetables. It's served with a heater underneath it so that it bubbles and cooks at the table while you keep serving yourself and adding to the pot.

I'm sure Nabe is an ideal dish. Why??
The reasons are
 #1 Easy and simple: Preparation is very simple. Get various vegetables, tofu, meat, seafood as much as you like. Cut them and just boil them in a pot. You can eat them dipped in your favorite sauce, such as soy sauce with citrus juice or sesame sauce. Tasty!
#2 Delicious and Nutritious: After eating boiled ingredients, you can put boiled rice and eggs to make special porridge. Or you can put noodles. Both are really tasty and nutritious.
#3 Sense of Closeness: The last point is the most important. We strengthen our sense of unity through eating from the same pot.
Tasty, easy cooking and make unification. It's a perfect Japanese cuisine!


  1. Yummyyy looks like a yummy hot pot..
    Keep well dear...stay warm
    Love for u hugs
    Cucki xx

  2. We have recently started eating fish.
    I fry in the oven.

    This looks delicious, eating from te same pot is cozy!