Friday, January 13, 2012

Precious Cup of Coffee

today's cup of coffe at my favorite cafe

Hello, lovely friends

Do you like coffee? I'm a coffee lover and I used to drink two, three, sometimes more cups of coffee every day until several weeks ago.

About two months ago, I came to feel very nauseous when I got up in the morning. I happened to have a once-a-year medical checkup and received barium exam for stomach. Luckily no problem was found. My doctor gave me some medicine to get better, but my sickness remained.

So I thought and thought what I should do to solve my problem.  Then I decided to change my eating habit for my health. It is very simple.
That is:  Eat food by eight o'clock at night and stop eating later except tea or water.
              Have only ONE cup of coffee a day.
Surprisingly my condition improved and now I'm in good shape. Now I can enjoy a cup of coffee more than before. Strange feeling.

My conclusion: I guess I ate and drank too much.  I ate and drank much more than my body needed. Plus my body is aging, including internal organs.
Anyway, I love coffee!!


  1. hello deary, i love coffee too..thank you so much for such a nice post..i sometime stitch late then i ate biscuits and chips..munching late night..after reading your post i am thinking to change my this habit..
    from tonight..finger crossed..
    love for you cucki xx

    1. Thanks, cucki.I think your stomach is strong enough to eat late but it's good to be gentle to your body.

  2. I love coffee as well! I find that if I drink too much caffeine, however, it makes me nauseous.