Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pit House Cafe

old barn on the way
Today I went out for driving in the mountain with my friend M. We headed for a certain unique cafe, following the indication of the car  navigation system, but we were lost. Sometimes the navigation  system seems crazy to me. We made a detour to the cafe. The cafe is "Madama Village" located in the nothern part of Ibaraki city, Osaka.

the entrance of the cafe
Why did I say a "unique" cafe?  Because it is a round "pit dwelling" cafe made by old trees and reed. It is 12m in diameter and 11m in height with one room. On the earthen floor, there are several homemade tables and chairs. We tasted a good chestnut cake and a cup of coffee in a dusky light.  From time to time, various concerts and lectures are held here.

covered with thick reed
It was so ancient but really cool!  Fantastic time.
You can see more information and pictures here.
diamond-like light


  1. Aww very sweet cafe..hut is looks like a African lapa hut..very lovely cafe indeed..
    LOve and hugs cucki xxx

  2. What a lovely and unique café it it!! Does this café stand in the middle of paddy fields? I hope to drop there and have a cup of coffee someday.

  3. Lovely pictures, certainly sounds like a wonderful place to visit. It woud be nice to have some pictures of the interior also!

    1. Yes, I agree with you. I should have taken some inside! Visit the website of the cafe, if you like, it is in only Japaneset though.

  4. It seems a kind of open-air museum? I do not know the correct English word for it. Here in the Netherlands, we have several museums with old buildings from earlier centuries. We call open-air museum.

    It seems very interesting.
    I like that!